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Where to hang stockings to dry

hang stockings to dry– It appears a sad fact that stockings do not grace washing lines any more. If I may ask, where do you now hang them to dry? Is it:

  1. indoors on radiators
  2. indoors hanging up
  3. outdoors on the line
  4. outdoors but hidden in other washing
  5. other

It would be interesting to note the trends in this area, so thank you for your help.
– I have a special drying rack that is circular and hangs on the shower rod like a hanger. Plastic arms fold down with two plastic clothespins per arm to make a total of 24 plastic clothespins. I use that to dry not only my stockings but also any other hand washable items.
– In the colder months stockings are hung up over the shower curtain rod. A towel is placed over the rod and then the stockings are draped over them. And yes they have been viewed there by more than one visitor to our home. Yep, even the AT&T At Home Cable hook up crew got an eyeful. So have a few of the High School kids. Ain’t no thang!
In the summer they go out on the clothes line. Yes, as odd as it sounds there are still clothes lines out there. The stockings are clipped by the welt with a plastic clothes pin to the line. And yes the neighbours and the meter readers have seen them. We have not had any come up missing yet nor have we found anyone camping out under the clothes line. Once again, it ain’t no thang!
– It is always nice to see a pair of stockings, especially FF, draped over a radiator. It gives the feeling that they have been put to use in the best possible sense and are being prepared for another ‘outing’. It is also good to think that whilst hung over the washing line they are sending an advert to the neighborhood that you and your partner are having a relationship which obviously is more exciting than anything they themselves can manage, But the preferred display for me has to be over the balcony at a hotel so that everybody knows you have had a torrid night of passion and have had a gorgeous pair of legs wrapped around your body.
My ex used to sell those circular drying racks! (She had good legs, especially when in stockings). It is a lovely image to have of stockings hanging from them!
– On a dry day always outside. On a wet day I place a towel over a radiator then place my stockings on that.
– I live in an apartment so I have to hang my stockings on a rack in the bathtub

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