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ragogarters– I seem to be getting a reaction to the metal garter adjusters on my six strap garter belt, but I am uncertain if it is due to nickel or the plastic used on the button of the garter itself. I have been known to react to some types of plastic used in watch bands. Can anyone be of assistance?
– I can say to you that the allergic reaction on the skin is due to metal It is nickel. I know other girls having the same problem. If you have reaction to nickel, hold-ups can be a solution.
– Please try a little dab of petroleum jelly on the inside of the metal garter between it and your thigh each time you wear your stockings. That should neutralise your reaction. If this does not work try hydrocortisone cream (USP 1%.) These items can be purchased at any pharmacy. It should take about two weeks use to determine if it will be effective.
– I think that having the much talked about ribbons would be an asset in your case. My suggestion is to either find garter belts that come so equipped (with ribbons on each supporter) or loop a narrow satin ribbon just above the rubber button and sew a stitch to hold it in place.
– I particularly note the reaction after wearing the stockings in bed. I suppose this could be due to the metal of the garter being pressed into my skin. I have already tried hydrocortisone cream and it is some help. However my husband and I also think the tiny red marks could be spider or insect bites but we can’t imagine where they’d be coming from as we keep ourselves and our home very clean.
– Thanks for your response and suggesting garter ribbons. I find that garter ribbons tend to not stay where they are meant to so I am not sure that would help, but I’ll look into it.
– Fortunately for me I don’t wear stockings every day, so I have some time to calm down the reaction with hydrocortisone. If that doesn’t do the trick I can always ask the doctor for a stronger cream. I don’t really feel too comfortable in thigh high’s as they tend to roll down on me. The only other alternative is pantyhose. However I’ve also heard they have just brought out the new nickel free garter clips in Europe, so if I can find them I might try them. I just have to find a retailer that stocks them.
– I have just gotten used to wearing my garters and would hate to give them up, I’ll do what I have to with creams to keep the reaction to a minimum. Usually at other times when I had the reaction in other areas, I’d just stop using the item causing the problem for a few days.
In only one instance did this not work, and that was my ears when I got them pierced when I was 14 years old, but that infection was present for two months before it cleared up and the way I cleared it up was to switch to gold earrings after the first three weeks after my ears being pierced. At any rate my nickel allergy is not life threatening, it is dealt with well with hydrocortisone cream. I love my FF stockings and would never give them up now.
– On suspender/garter belts, those ribbons can be found quite often on both sides of the fastener. The inside tight to skin ribbon could probably help, giving protection against metal allergy. This is because it’s just between the thigh and stocking welt and firmly pressed to the skin by the clasp. So, it normally remains in place.
The exposed ribbons however are needless, just for decoration. Quite a number of ladies find them a nuisance. You surely could cut off them for better wearing comfort. Be careful, don’t remove the inside ones too.
OBGs are different – most of them do not have ribbons. Just make your own insider in order to underlay the metal. Sew on with a few stitches a sizeable piece of satin material right beyond the clip. I’m sure, it will work.
I have solved the allergy problem! I solved the plastic garter tab allergy by doing an extensive search for fabric backed garter tabs and found them at Christel Nylons. She agreed to sell me the garter strap, adjuster and clip complete and I took them to a seamstress and she put them on for me and now no more allergic reaction – except for the little piece of metal holding the garter clip and strap together. So I solved that problem easily by putting adhesive moleskin around the metal piece and since it is adhering to itself it doesn’t stick the the skin, and problem solved.

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