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– We spend a lot of time on this Web site slagging off modern celebrities for their bad dress sense and the disastrous example that it sets for today’s women. Perhaps we should look for some positive role models: women who accentuate femininity and are likely to make other women want to ditch their combat trousers and jeans and get into a skirt, stockings and suspenders. So here are my nominations:
Catherine Deneuve – timeless sophistication and elegance, all that needs to be said.
Catherine Zeta Jones – always looks feminine and unless I am much mistaken seldom to be seen in trousers.
Melanie Stace – okay I know the Generation Game is naff, but this is one hot chick. Better still I have never ever seen her on screen whilst wearing trousers. If you still don’t agree with me check out her stockings and suspenders in the knife throwing sketch on http://www.abel.co.uk/~redlion/stace/Mel_Galleries.htm.
Sophie Ellis Bextor – one of the few of today’s new breed of pop starlets who is not a member of the jeans and crop top brigade.
Maya Even – for thinking man’s crumpet does anyone remember Maya Even presenting the Money Programme? Not only did she have a brain the size of a planet but she was usually perched on a sofa wearing an above the knee skirt showing off her wonderful shapely nylon clad (never bare) legs? Definitely my favourite, but sadly seems to have vanished from our screens.
Melanie Sykes – definitely a skirts and dresses girl and the current face and legs of Aristoc. A commendable decision on their part!
Apologies if those across the pond don’t know half of these people, even if Maya Even is Canadian.
Nicole Kidman is a personal favourite.
Sophia Loren is of the same genre as Catherine Devenuve, but not quite as elegant in my opinion. She is a tad more sultry.
Definitely Catherine Deneuve and Penelope Cruz, who again has a connection with Tom Cruise! Sadly, never seen the latter in hose but she has a wonderful pair of legs: What a waste!
Selma Hayek and Julianne Moore should also be on the list. I know Selma had bare legs, but her dancing in “From dusk till dawn”… phew. I seem to recall a couple of postings saying Julianne Moore was wearing stockings in her latest movies. Can’t wait to see them,
– I don’t care for CZJ, but I will echo remarks about Julianne Moore. I would also toss in Lara Flynn Boyle… while being very thin (possibly too thin for me) she does have great legs and is usually seen in hose.
Calista Flockhart although ‘very’ thin at present has the most exquisite legs. Check them out!
– Whilst I am not a great fan of Calista Flockhart or the programme, I did used to rather like the fact that all the women in Ally McBeal’s office never used to wear trousers. Indeed in the very first episode of the series Ally was told that the bosses didn’t like pants suits. My favourite was Georgia (played by Courtney something or other), who always used to wear very elegant skirt suits with hosiery. Alas in the last couple of series the trousers have taken over and Georgia seems to have disappeared.
– One of the celebrities that I think has exquisite legs is Lea Thompson. When she appeared on her show Caroline in the City she didn’t always wear a skirt. She wore slacks a lot, but when she had on a skirt and hose, WOW.

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