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Bianca Beauchamp

Bianca Beauchamp was born in Montreal, Quebec to a French Canadian father and an Italian mother. She was named after Bianca Jagger. Growing up in the low-income neighbourhood, Beauchamp managed to pass the entrance exam for an exclusive private school. She realised that she was bisexual at the age of 15. After having difficulty at home, she moved away soon after graduating high school, and began a course in French … [Read more...]


Glamour magazine and the black trouser curse

- My quest to count the number of women wearing sheer hosiery continues - I'm up to 45 already this morning and I can regularly add another 80-100 to that at lunchtimes if I make the effort to go for a wander out of the office. It's a kind of solitary pursuit but keeps me relatively happy when I haven't got any friends. :-) However, while doing this it has struck me that if I was counting the number of women … [Read more...]


Amber Tamblyn

Amber Rose Tamblyn (born May 14, 1983) is an American actress, author, poet, and film director. She first came to national attention in her role on the soap opera General Hospital as Emily Quartermaine, followed by a starring role on the prime-time series Joan of Arcadia, portraying the title character. Her feature film work includes roles in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Grudge 2, The Ring, and 127 … [Read more...]


Careers and stockings

- In your opinion which of the following careers has the most female stockings wearers per capita; education, business or law? I'm purposely leaving the airlines and nursing out of it because we have done these two careers to death. - I would say lawyers. They always have those sexy suits on and a lot wear thigh highs and garter belts, to feel sexy in those tough cases. - Business - always the best. But with … [Read more...]