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Where do women wear stockings the most?

- Our theory for the best places to spot stocking tops are (in no particular order) weddings (bride, obvious, and many guests?) balls and formal parties formal horse race meetings? theatre rocky horror swingers (seem to be 'uniform') fetish events offices/ work places where smart/formal dress is required rock dances (aim of which seems to be to spin and reveal suspenders) Any more to … [Read more...]


Bridget Hall

Bridget Hall (born December 12, 1977) is an American model. Hall was born in Springdale, Arkansas. At the age of 10 she was modeling in Dallas, Texas. At this time she was living in the suburb of Farmers Branch, where she briefly attended R. L. Turner High School. Shortly thereafter, she moved with her mother Donna Hall to New York City to pursue her modeling career. By the age of 17, she was listed in Forbes as one … [Read more...]


The popularity of stockings in the Western USA

Just wondering why it seems that stockings are less popular in the Western USA? Can anyone help me here? - My theory is that the West is the modern day centre of all things cool, hip, laid back, unconventional and natural. This incorporates fashion. To people of this disposition - of which western N. America abounds in legions - stockings likely fit into their worldview of clothing that is conservative, … [Read more...]


Amy Adams

Amy Lou Adams (born August 20, 1974) is an American actress and singer. Adams began her career on stage performing in dinner theatre and went on to make her feature film debut in Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999). After moving to Los Angeles, she made several appearances on television and in B movies before portraying a supporting role in Steven Spielberg's Frank Abagnale biopic Catch Me If You Can (2002). Her breakthrough … [Read more...]