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The popularity of stockings in the Western USA

Woman with silk stockings fixes garter
Woman with silk stockings fixes garter

Just wondering why it seems that stockings are less popular in the Western USA? Can anyone help me here?

– My theory is that the West is the modern day centre of all things cool, hip, laid back, unconventional and natural. This incorporates fashion. To people of this disposition – of which western N. America abounds in legions – stockings likely fit into their worldview of clothing that is conservative, restricting, unnatural and, heaven forbid, anti-feminist or anti-woman. Utter nonsense, of course, as these people conform to their own conventions of ‘au naturel’ flowing cotton robes and Birkenstocks (excuse me while I feel an acute sense of nausea coming on). But let’s see how freedom-loving these folks really are. Just check to see if they self-righteously sneer at a well-dressed ‘traditionally feminine’ woman walking by in suit or dress with heels and stockings. So much for liberation. Sorry, but give me the East anytime.

– I hope you’re not speaking for all Americans. This Southern gentleman has always appreciated the glimpse of seamed nylons on sophisticated ladies.

– One reason given to me by Tom of Vicki’s Nylons is that Arizona and other western states are in what is termed the Bible belt, which possibly means that stocking wearing is viewed as not favourable.

However in the area I live I’ve noticed no one sneering at me because I choose to wear seamed stockings. As a matter of fact no one says anything at all. Only one lady has done – at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. We were stopped by another shopper to ask where a store was and then she said she had noticed my seams, she remembered trying to keep her own seams straight, and said they looked nice on me.

If more Hollywood personalities would wear stockings you can bet they’d catch on fast. There has to be a reason why Victoria’s Secret chose to locate a speciality hosiery boutique in Scottsdale. I can’t help thinking there must be more stocking wearers than I am seeing, but where are they?

– Atlanta is closer in many ways to the centre of the traditional Bible Belt than Phoenix. This past weekend I attended a Southern Baptist service in Birmingham, AL and noticed almost exclusive feminine attire by ladies in attendance.

I was among 2,000 at the service I attended, and the tell-tale stockings signs such as garter bumps were visible on at least a half dozen ladies I noticed after the service. Even the bare-legged teen trend was much less apparent in Birmingham, than in my Atlanta church.

The gentlemen, of course, were attired mostly in white shirts, ties, and jackets. My belief is traditional respect for religion is reflected in fashion, as well.

My point is that respect for appropriate attire is greater in some locations, and the wearing of stockings carrying a sexual stigma, does not appear to be an issue in churches located in the Old South part of the Bible Belt.

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