Caroline Trentini

In 2000, Caroline Trentini was discovered walking down a street in her hometown by an agent, the same one who scouted Gisele Bündchen, and soon afterward she moved to São Paulo, a common destination for young Brazilian models. Her modeling career immediately took off, and after a year, Trentini moved again, this time to New York City. She did not speak English but quickly learned the new language. Trentini's … [Read more...]


Nurses in stockings

"I am a nurse and when I started my training I wore both opaque and 20 denier tights and found them both hot to wear and uncomfortable so I started to wear stockings and have continued to do so since. The uniform in the hospital were I previously worked was white and a memo was sent out requesting nurses to wear underskirts (slips) under their dresses as their underwear could be seen. The main problem was black … [Read more...]


The world’s favorite airline

After a pretty miserable string of missed flight connections from the USA to London and then Norway I was feeling pretty pissed of with everything! It was only the flash of stocking tops and suspenders on one of the pretty air stewardesses who was seated opposite me during take off and landing that made the whole flight bearable! Once we had taken off, having caught the flash, it was pretty obvious through her … [Read more...]


Sightings of women in stockings – two

Confirmed sighting last night at bar. I know for sure 'cos I asked her! I was in a bar last night - the bar is underground. As I was walking past the stair to the outside - I noticed a woman in a just above the knee red dress walking up the stairs. As ever on the lookout I checked out the hemline - and there were the two tell-tale dark bands visible. Emboldened by three pints of Timothy Taylor Landlord and some … [Read more...]


Sightings of women in stockings – one

"Early last year I was at Brisbane Airport (one of my favourite places for sightings as business women at airports are a fairly good source of stockings). I was awaiting my wife to pick me up after the trip when a woman came out of the terminal behind me and crossed over to the cab rank. She was a plain looking woman in her 40's with a mid calf dress, but wearing point heel seams, and fairly low shoes, just as if … [Read more...]


Where do women wear stockings the most?

- Our theory for the best places to spot stocking tops are (in no particular order) weddings (bride, obvious, and many guests?) balls and formal parties formal horse race meetings? theatre rocky horror swingers (seem to be 'uniform') fetish events offices/ work places where smart/formal dress is required rock dances (aim of which seems to be to spin and reveal suspenders) Any more to … [Read more...]


Explaining stockings to children

Before I got married, my now eight year old niece used to stay with me regularly at weekends. She would often come in and out of my bedroom and talk about clothes, make-up, etc. Since hubby and I were going to a party after returning my niece home last night, I thought I would wear some finery underneath as well as on top. As chance would have it, Ashley walked into my bedroom as I was attaching my first stocking … [Read more...]


Disco nights in nylon

- Last night my wife and some friends hosted a charity event that had the disco era as its theme. Everyone dressed in period clothing and a popular group from the 1970s provided entertainment. It was a stockings lover's paradise! All of the women wore dresses, many with elegant and ornate slips. A few wore crinoline petticoats (which were really 1950s and 1960s lingerie... but who cared?) and almost all wore … [Read more...]


The decline in hosiery sales: bad news or good?

- Manufactures have reported that sales of pantyhose and stockings have dropped from 1.3 billion pairs to 700 million pairs in the last year. It seems like bare legs are the latest style. That is, if you care to look and can stand it. - Sorry to intrude. I think there has probably been an increase in vintage stocking sales (ie through thrift stores and web sites selling stockings from the '50s era). - I'm not … [Read more...]


The importance of the right suspender belt

"My personal view is that the reason many women don't wear stockings is that there is so much peer pressure to conform. Also, many suspender belts are designed only for 'bedroom' use, if you know what I mean. It really can be difficult finding a comfortable suspender belt, but it is worth the effort - much better than tights or pantyhose. Perhaps a part of it is that today both women and men seem to associate … [Read more...]