Sightings of women in stockings – two

Confirmed sighting last night at bar. I know for sure 'cos I asked her! I was in a bar last night - the bar is underground. As I was walking past the stair to the outside - I noticed a woman in a just above the knee red dress walking up the stairs. As ever on the lookout I checked out the hemline - and there were the two tell-tale dark bands visible. Emboldened by three pints of Timothy Taylor Landlord and some … [Read more...]


Sightings of women in stockings – one

"Early last year I was at Brisbane Airport (one of my favourite places for sightings as business women at airports are a fairly good source of stockings). I was awaiting my wife to pick me up after the trip when a woman came out of the terminal behind me and crossed over to the cab rank. She was a plain looking woman in her 40's with a mid calf dress, but wearing point heel seams, and fairly low shoes, just as if … [Read more...]


Stockings at work

"Does anyone here work with ladies that wear stockings to work? I do, luckily, and it would be interesting to hear the experiences of others. ie what type of stockings, worn with what outfits and in what sort of situation did you realise that they were stockings and not tights." "On occasion, my 27-year-old executive assistant does. A few months ago, in the fall, we drove to a restaurant for lunch. She was wearing … [Read more...]


Where do women wear stockings the most?

- Our theory for the best places to spot stocking tops are (in no particular order) weddings (bride, obvious, and many guests?) balls and formal parties formal horse race meetings? theatre rocky horror swingers (seem to be 'uniform') fetish events offices/ work places where smart/formal dress is required rock dances (aim of which seems to be to spin and reveal suspenders) Any more to … [Read more...]


The popularity of stockings in the Western USA

Just wondering why it seems that stockings are less popular in the Western USA? Can anyone help me here? - My theory is that the West is the modern day centre of all things cool, hip, laid back, unconventional and natural. This incorporates fashion. To people of this disposition - of which western N. America abounds in legions - stockings likely fit into their worldview of clothing that is conservative, … [Read more...]


Flight attendants… yet again!

- A couple of weeks ago whilst on a British Airways flight between Hong Kong and London I witnessed a flight attendant in what she no doubt felt was a 'rather embarrassing situation'. I do apologise to her wherever she may be for repeating the story. The lady in question was serving breakfast from a trolley a couple of seats ahead of me when she dropped a spoon (or some other sort of utensil). She immediately … [Read more...]


Stockings, marriage and too much sex!

- "George" and I have been married ten years. We are both thirty-five. I have always worn pantyhose. This last Christmas George gave me a gift of ten pairs of stockings and three garterbelts. I wore them once in a while during January just to please him. But, since then I have come to prefer them and have worn them to work everyday and to church on Sunday. I love the looks I get when men know I'm in stockings. It … [Read more...]


Careers and stockings

- In your opinion which of the following careers has the most female stockings wearers per capita; education, business or law? I'm purposely leaving the airlines and nursing out of it because we have done these two careers to death. - I would say lawyers. They always have those sexy suits on and a lot wear thigh highs and garter belts, to feel sexy in those tough cases. - Business - always the best. But with … [Read more...]


Tips for stocking spotting during jury service

- I have jury service for two weeks commencing this coming Monday. Anyone got any suggestions of where/what to look out for in the way of girls/women wearing stockings/holdups. I am in London. I look forward to your interesting ideas. - In most courts, the jury bench is square-on to counsel's row so, depending on which position you are along the bench, you may get a direct view along counsel's row. If you have a … [Read more...]


Stockings, dinner and marital breakdown

My wife and I were out to dinner with a small group (four couples) last week when one of the ladies remarked to her husband that since my wife wears stockings instead of pantyhose wouldn't he (her husband) just love to see her (his wife, the speaker) in stockings all the time too. All of our friends are aware that my wife is a stockings wearer and anyone who is the least bit observant will soon see that she … [Read more...]