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Tips for stocking spotting during jury service

- I have jury service for two weeks commencing this coming Monday. Anyone got any suggestions of where/what to look out for in the way of girls/women wearing stockings/holdups. I am in London. I look forward to your interesting ideas. - In most courts, the jury bench is square-on to counsel's row so, depending on which position you are along the bench, you may get a direct view along counsel's row. If you have a … [Read more...]


Stockings, dinner and marital breakdown

My wife and I were out to dinner with a small group (four couples) last week when one of the ladies remarked to her husband that since my wife wears stockings instead of pantyhose wouldn't he (her husband) just love to see her (his wife, the speaker) in stockings all the time too. All of our friends are aware that my wife is a stockings wearer and anyone who is the least bit observant will soon see that she … [Read more...]