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Sightings of women in stockings – three

16Today I spent the whole day interviewing in the Jarvis Hotel lounge. Imagine my delight when a very smartly dressed lady, probably in her mid 30s, sat a little to my left about 15 feet in front of me. She was wearing a black two piece suit with a skirt just above the knee and four-inch black heels. I’d noticed her glossy legs before she sat down which had already got my attention but the thrill when she did sit had my eyes popping out of my head! Her skirt had risen up to reveal a barely black stocking top! She had obviously noticed my glances & made no effort to adjust her skirt, even crossing the other leg to give me a flash of suspender! Needless to say the poor chap I was interviewing did not have my full attention but the lovely lady did. She sat talking on the phone for about 45mins and then left with another equally appealing lady. What amazed and delighted me was all this time she made no effort to pull her skirt down. Downright sexy!”

“Last October I had to drive into Liverpool for a business meeting. Funnily enough it was quite a warm sunny morning, and as usual I was hoping to see some lovely sheer legs and heels. As I was driving through the city centre I noticed a striking lady on the opposite side of the road. She was in her mid 30s and wearing a grey business suit with very sheer legs and three-inch heels. Having some time to spare I did a bat turn and pulled up about 50 yards in front of this lady so she would eventually have to walk past my car. I naturally presumed that she was wearing tights but as she passed my window my heart skipped I could she her lovely dark welts and white milky skin above her hem line stockings! I have managed to see her on several occasions since and she is a confirmed stocking wearer.”

“Can’t believe my luck: two sightings in 24 hours! The first was in my local pub in a village outside Hull in East Yorkshire. A young woman about 24/25 came in with a friend with a skirt that had a split up the front and the back. When she sat down she flashed her stocking tops and a considerable piece of thigh (though she did adjust her skirt after a couple of minutes). The second was in the local Safeway supermarket. This woman was about 35/36 in a short black skirt with barely black stockings. I caught her bending down revealing her stocking tops.”

“I’d like to share an exciting moment with you all that happened today during my lunch break in Stratford town centre. I was coming out of the bank and two ladies (early thirties) walked past me both wearing business suits, one long skirt and one short skirt. Both were wearing barely black tights or so I thought! As I watched them walk past, my eyes were drawn to the hems of their skirts. I spotted the telltale darker bands of stocking tops peeking out beneath the shorter skirt. My heartbeat changed up a gear!

“Although the skirt was not split at the back, as she walked the dark lacy stocking tops popped in and out of view in a very seductive way. I was fortunate that they were going my way and that I enjoyed this view for about 10 glorious minutes. When we crossed the road at a zebra crossing she stood still for a few moments and I reckon that her skirt was struggling to cover the tops of her stockings by more than an inch. What a sight her work colleagues must have been treated to during the rest of the afternoon!”

“Wandering around town on my lunch hour today, I happened upon a tall attractive lady wearing a short black skirt sitting just above her knees and some very shiny and sheer black hosiery. The instant attraction was turned to delight when I managed to manoeuvre myself to walk directly behind her. It was then that I realised her stocking tops were showing through the split up the back of her skirt. They were not lace tops, but the ordinary welts of stockings held up with suspenders (The nice ones that have a secondary band below). A quick glance up the skirt confirmed that the telltale bumps were in all the right places. I didn’t get much work done that afternoon!”

“Today there was a young lady of about 24/25 walking around Tescos in Maidstone, Kent, with a long black skirt and a split up the back about three quarters of the way up. As she walked, bent and stretched at the shelves she exposed her nude hold-ups, showing lacey stocking tops and bare flesh. I got home with only half of what I was sent out for.”

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