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Stockings and sex

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– During a friend’s visit this last two weeks we got into an interesting discussion about the frequency of physical intimacy among couples where the female wears stockings versus those where the female does not. (Sorry, but we did not think to discuss men in stockings.)

We all agreed that based upon our personal experience and the information shared with us by our friends (both stockings wearers and non-stockings wearers) women who were regular or frequent stockings wearers seemed to have a much more rewarding intimate relationship with their significant other than women wearing only tights or pantyhose.

My wife and I told our guest that our friends ‘assumed’ that we had a very fulfilling sex life simply because my wife always wears stockings. I must admit that I am a very happy camper!

So, I ask the group; based upon your own personal experiences and conversations with friends over the years, do women who are frequent stockings wearers have more fulfilling intimate relationships than those who do not?

– I would most definitely think the former as opposed to the latter. Look at modern day films as an example. They’re always worn to initiate a sexual relationship, although sadly as far as Hollywood films go, very unrealistic and convincing with the settings and lighting!

– My answer to your question would be: most definitely. I’ve been a frequent stockings wearer for around seven years. I can only recall on one hand the number of times I’ve had sex without my stockings. I know how to drive my boyfriend wild and I take full advantage of it with the use of my stockings.

– I have so many stories I can tell of having great sex with women in stockings. They truly enhance sensuality and sexuality.

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John Doe November 18, 2023 at 12:26 pm

Nice fake image of a skirt that never had a split in it.


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