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Ladders: attractive or not?

Torn pantyhose

– Here’s an issue I’d love to test the forum’s opinions on: are ladders (runs) in stockings sexy? I’m not talking the obviously ripped nylon of the punk era, just small runs, caused accidentally through normal wear and tear.

To me they hint at both the magical sheer nature of the nylon and at a certain vulnerability that I find most alluring. Am I alone? Does anyone else have any laddered stockings anecdotes to share?

– I wholeheartedly agree. I have always found them alluring. And I don’t think that women don’t notice. A story: I had invited a female friend (admittedly a tease) over one time. She was kneeling on the floor going through my record collection (yes, it was in those days when women actually wore nylons). Her back was towards me and the soles of her shoeless tan-coloured stocking feet were showing. She quickly looked down at a long run starting from the end of one foot’s reinforced toe and running up the sole of her foot and past her calf under her trouser leg. “Oh, ” she said, looking at me and gauging my reaction, “I have a run in my stocking.” Runs are quite sexy. And, I agree, NOT when they’re deliberately done by those of the spiky-haired punk class as some sort of bohemian hard-edge ‘fashion’ statement.

– I absolutely agree. I have vivid memories of a school trip to Switzerland many years ago and me (as an impressionable schoolboy) being transfixed by the laddered black stocking of one of the (bit tarty) older girls in the party.

I think they are definitely sexier on black/dark tights. In fact I have been known to draw attention to one so that my colleague went and changed them. I was then able to nip into the ladies and grab her discarded and laddered tights from the bin. Am I kinky or is this not as uncommon as I think? But yes you’re dead right – ladders are sexy.

– Sorry guys, I must disagree. Runs are something to be avoided at all costs. They really are unsightly. But since you bring it up, what is it about them that turns you on? Is this a universal male thing or only for you who love nylons?

– Absolutely not! Let’s keep a good standard here.

– I absolutely think that a run in a stockings is the sexiest thing a woman could flaunt, second only to RHT stockings.

I think it’s kinda slutty and provocative. A few years ago I went to a Halloween party and this one girl was dressed up as a stewardess. She had tons of makeup on and her blouse was half open and she had tons of runs in her nylons (she was wearing pantyhose not stockings). I asked her what she was supposed to be and she said a “sky slut”. It goes to prove, ladders are enticing!

– Runs (ladders) in stockings are something to be taken care of. My wife keeps spare stockings in her purse when we go out as well as in the car glove compartment. She also has spares at work. That’s the “efficiency” of stockings vs. pantyhose – with two pairs you actually get three sets!

– Having previously agreed that they are attractive, perhaps my view needs a little clarification. Most of us would, I am certain, find our gaze attracted to stockings which contain a ladder. I am still of the opinion that, once you’ve noticed it, a ladder can look very sexy. It depends perhaps on where and how bad a ladder it is. I would agree with the various correspondents who feel that unladdered stockings are better but that doesn’t stop a ladder from looking sexy. I’m going to beg to differ from most of you.

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