Dafne Fernández

Dafne Fernández (born March 31, 1985; Madrid, Spain) is a Spanish actress, dancer, and singer. Dafne became famous for playing Marta Ramos in the Spanish TV series Un paso adelante, along with actors like Mónica Cruz, Beatriz Luengo, Pablo Puyol, Silvia Marty and Lola Herrera. She studied dance and dramatic art, worked in the Fama musical, was the presenter of the XXI Goya Awards (2007) and also appeared in Naím … [Read more...]



Casandra Elizabeth Ventura (born August 26, 1986), known mononymously as Cassie, is an American recording artist, dancer, actress and model. Born in New London, Connecticut, she began her career as a result of meeting record producer Ryan Leslie in late 2002, who later signed her to NextSelection Lifestyle Group. During this time, Diddy heard "Me & U" in a club, and Leslie convinced him to partner his Bad Boy … [Read more...]


Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman was born in Bedford, Bedfordshire, the youngest of three children to Dutch father Anton 'Tony' Vorderman (1920–2007) and Welsh mother Edwina Jean (née Davies, born 1928). Her parents separated three weeks after her birth, and her mother took the family back to her home town of Prestatyn, North Wales, where Vorderman and her siblings, Anton and Trixie, grew up in a one-parent household. Vorderman did … [Read more...]


Where are the role models?

"I like what you say about the extra attention your husband gives you when you wear stockings - 'When I wear stockings, I have control of this big, aggressive, self-assured man.' And also that you feel confident when 'dressed elegantly' Those are both positive things. "Your excellent point about 'Hollywood's depiction of sluts wearing stockings' and that there 'aren't visible role models wearing stockings to give … [Read more...]


An open letter to Mondo

In the cover story of its February 2001 issue, British men's magazine Mondo claimed that tights (pantyhose) were sexier than stockings. We all know that's not true. And for a magazine to perpetuate such a falsehood with such vigour was, to me, immensely irritating. Cosequently I wrote to tell them. Here for your reference, is my letter... I had big hopes for Mondo when it first appeared but the pantyhose article … [Read more...]


Dress code of the British judicial system

"My only experience of the British judicial system was undertaking monotonous jury service at Kingston Crown Court a couple of years ago. As I had plenty of time sitting around doing nothing I observed that female ushers and barristers never wore trousers. I'm not complaining at this but is there a stipulation that they must wear skirts? Another observation of the power of skirts in the legal profession can be … [Read more...]


Teenagers, seams and magazines

- Earlier today I came across some of my daughters magazines which she read when she was 16 in 1997. One of them was Sugar a magazine for teenage girls which had a competition in it to win make-up, lipstick, an ultrabra and Sock Shop Classic ultra sheer tights with seams (small size nearly black). I was quite surprised to find a magazine aimed at this age bracket offering seamed tights as a prize. Am I unusual to … [Read more...]


Paola Oliveira

Paolla Oliveira was born in São Paulo, São Paulo state. Her father is a retired military policeman while her mother is a housewife. Oliveira started working as a model when she was 16 years old, but she eventually became an actress after finishing studying performing arts at the same time she graduated in Physiotherapy. After starring several television ads, she participated in the TV … [Read more...]


Ashley Scott

Ashley Scott is an American actress and model. She was born on July 13, 1977 in Metairie, Louisiana, but raised in Charleston, South Carolina. She began her modeling career as a young girl and was a 1993 Elite Model Look finalist. Scott became a model for Elite Miami. She modeled internationally in fashion shows in Miami, Paris and London. Scott has appeared on the cover of the Hollywood Reporter and other … [Read more...]


AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord is an American actress and former model. Known for playing vixen-type roles, McCord first gained prominence in 2007 as the scheming Eden Lord on the FX television series Nip/Tuck, and as the pampered Loren Wakefield on the MyNetworkTV telenovela American Heiress. In 2008, she was the second actress to be cast in the CW series 90210, portraying antiheroine Naomi Clark. Initially, the part of Clark … [Read more...]