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Explaining stockings to children

Before I got married, my now eight year old niece used to stay with me regularly at weekends. She would often come in and out of my bedroom and talk about clothes, make-up, etc. Since hubby and I were going to a party after returning my niece home last night, I thought I would wear some finery underneath as well as on top. As chance would have it, Ashley walked into my bedroom as I was attaching my first stocking … [Read more...]


Briana Banks

Briana Bany was born in Munich, Germany to a German father and an American mother. They moved to Britain when she was aged four, then to the Los Angeles suburb of Simi Valley when she was seven. Her father still lives in Germany. She moved out of her mother's house when she was 16, taking her 14-year-old sister with her. She got custody of her sister when she turned 18. Banks modeled as a teenager, including a … [Read more...]


Flight attendants… yet again!

- A couple of weeks ago whilst on a British Airways flight between Hong Kong and London I witnessed a flight attendant in what she no doubt felt was a 'rather embarrassing situation'. I do apologise to her wherever she may be for repeating the story. The lady in question was serving breakfast from a trolley a couple of seats ahead of me when she dropped a spoon (or some other sort of utensil). She immediately … [Read more...]


Amii Grove

Amii Anne J. Grove (born 5 September 1985) is an English glamour model and current Page 3 girl. She has appeared in publications such as The Sun, Nuts, Zoo Weekly, FHM, and the Hot Shots Calendar. Grove was born in Solihull. In 2004, Grove competed for the title of Miss Bikini World but failed to be placed in the competition. She then competed in Miss England later that year but again failed to win the title and … [Read more...]