Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel's resume includes covers for Australian, Brazilian, Mexican, Korean, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Italian Vogue, Brazilian, British, German and South African Elle, British, South African, Romanian, Mexican and Chinese GQ, Turkish, Spanish, Czech and Argentine Harper's Bazaar, i-D, Lush and Ocean Drive (U.S.) and advertisements for Shiatzy Chen, Nike, Diesel, Guess?, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom … [Read more...]


Femininity alive and well in Poland

I just wanted to offer this bit of "wisdom" with respect to the debate on the erosion of femininity and the decline of skirts, etc. I was in Poland with my girlfriend May (2000), and I found it very hard to concentrate. The difference between Canada and Poland was absolutely astounding. First of all, women are much more conscious of their bodies, at least women in the 18-35 range I suppose. Whereas here in North … [Read more...]


Dress code of the British judicial system

"My only experience of the British judicial system was undertaking monotonous jury service at Kingston Crown Court a couple of years ago. As I had plenty of time sitting around doing nothing I observed that female ushers and barristers never wore trousers. I'm not complaining at this but is there a stipulation that they must wear skirts? Another observation of the power of skirts in the legal profession can be … [Read more...]


Women, hosiery and sexual harassment

Here in the UK there is a growing band of women who try to earn a few bob by going to courts claiming sexual discrimination as far as their work wear is concerned. A case recently involved Eurostar workers who protested at being told that they must wear skirts as opposed to trousers. They won. Female Connex workers complained that there blouses were too transparent and their bras could be seen underneath. They too … [Read more...]


The view from inside girls’ changing rooms

- I've wondered for a while now how girls approach wearing stockings and suspenders in a communal changing room. - This is an interesting question, and has wider reach as well. It seems to vary a lot with culture. My experience here in the UK (opinion only) is that women seem more private in these circumstances than men, partly because they are more critical of each other. I have been in fits of laughter in the … [Read more...]


Observations in Sydney

- I had a couple of hours layover in Sydney on Tuesday and being a beautiful sunny 22 degree (celsius) winter's day, I took the airport train into the city, found a bench to sit on in Martin Place (the centre of the financial area) and checked out the lunchtime legs. As I come from sub tropical Brisbane the first thing I noticed was the high percentage of girls wearing dark pants or opaques, which I notice is … [Read more...]


Stockings, dinner and marital breakdown

My wife and I were out to dinner with a small group (four couples) last week when one of the ladies remarked to her husband that since my wife wears stockings instead of pantyhose wouldn't he (her husband) just love to see her (his wife, the speaker) in stockings all the time too. All of our friends are aware that my wife is a stockings wearer and anyone who is the least bit observant will soon see that she … [Read more...]


Hosiery wearing celebrities we like

- We spend a lot of time on this Web site slagging off modern celebrities for their bad dress sense and the disastrous example that it sets for today's women. Perhaps we should look for some positive role models: women who accentuate femininity and are likely to make other women want to ditch their combat trousers and jeans and get into a skirt, stockings and suspenders. So here are my nominations: Catherine Deneuve … [Read more...]


The importance of the right suspender belt

"My personal view is that the reason many women don't wear stockings is that there is so much peer pressure to conform. Also, many suspender belts are designed only for 'bedroom' use, if you know what I mean. It really can be difficult finding a comfortable suspender belt, but it is worth the effort - much better than tights or pantyhose. Perhaps a part of it is that today both women and men seem to associate … [Read more...]


Advice on buying fully-fashioned stockings

"I want to buy my wife a pair of fully fashioned stockings, and a suspender belt. Normally her tights and stockings are the more modern, stretchable type with lycra. Is the size for the old-fashioned type based on shoe size, ie size seven, or should the measurement be something else (by length, long, medium, etc)? Advice appreciated. And tips on best type of suspender belt (not girdle, but old-fashioned wide strapped … [Read more...]