A stockings story

I had heard about her long before I ever met her. It is that way sometimes on a small college campus. Some people get to be well known quickly. Reputations are easy to come by and hard to lose. Especially bad reputations. Her reputation wasn't as bad as it was, well, notorious. Yes, that's precisely the word "notorious". It was the late sixties and all over America college campuses were boiling over with dissent … [Read more...]


It’s just the tip of the iceberg!

I am a 24/m in the US and my soon-to-be-wife is 22. She wears all sorts of hosiery quite often. The reason I am writing is so that I can indicate to all of you that there are young women who wear stockings, I can personally assure you that there are 10 women in the eastern US (who I am friends with through my fiance) who wear stay ups, stockings, or FFs at least once a week... With most wearing them three times a … [Read more...]


Museum tease

This last weekend was a bit cool in the Laurel Highlands so my wife and I motored into the city (where its usually 5 to 10 degrees warmer) to visit some friends and go to the museum. She wore black: black dress, black hat, black strappy shoes, black stockings, black garterbelt and black slip, black bra and, of course, black split-crotch (her favorite style) panties. She also carried a small black clutch bag. … [Read more...]


A stocking conversation with an elegant lady

- During a visit to Pittsburgh last week, I stopped in a Starbucks in the village near my first home. A young lady in her mid 20s asked if she could sit in an empty chair next to the table where I was sitting. She indicated her husband would join her, and she asked if he could occupy the third seat at the table. Her appearance was striking. She was at least 5'10", and dressed in a white silk dress EXACTLY like … [Read more...]


Disco nights in nylon

- Last night my wife and some friends hosted a charity event that had the disco era as its theme. Everyone dressed in period clothing and a popular group from the 1970s provided entertainment. It was a stockings lover's paradise! All of the women wore dresses, many with elegant and ornate slips. A few wore crinoline petticoats (which were really 1950s and 1960s lingerie... but who cared?) and almost all wore … [Read more...]


The decline in hosiery sales: bad news or good?

- Manufactures have reported that sales of pantyhose and stockings have dropped from 1.3 billion pairs to 700 million pairs in the last year. It seems like bare legs are the latest style. That is, if you care to look and can stand it. - Sorry to intrude. I think there has probably been an increase in vintage stocking sales (ie through thrift stores and web sites selling stockings from the '50s era). - I'm not … [Read more...]