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Tera Patrick

Famous leggy pornstar Tera Patrick, often apreciated by fans for her great boobs and body, Tera has really great legs.
Tera’s memoir, Sinner Takes All, was published by Penguin imprint Gotham Books on January 5, 2010. The book was co-written by journalist and author Carrie Borzillo. The book chronicles Tera’s path to porn stardom and the loneliness, love, and lust she experienced along the way.
During the process of writing the book, which she describes as “cathartic”. Tera confronted many issues in her personal life. She repaired her relationship with her mother, but also realized there were problems within her relationship with her (now ex) husband, Evan Seinfeld. “I wanted the book to end happily. I knew there were problems with our marriage obviously, and the decision to leave him came about quite suddenly,” said Tera in an interview carried out shortly before the publication of her autobiography.

Tera PatrickTera PatrickTera Patrick

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