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The view from inside girls’ changing rooms

Dressing up– I’ve wondered for a while now how girls approach wearing stockings and suspenders in a communal changing room.

– This is an interesting question, and has wider reach as well. It seems to vary a lot with culture. My experience here in the UK (opinion only) is that women seem more private in these circumstances than men, partly because they are more critical of each other. I have been in fits of laughter in the past hearing my wife describe activity in women’s changing rooms, and female toilets. This was also confirmed by a number of discussions I had with the ladies I worked with concerning the behaviour of several transexuals (previously men, now women) in their toilets. Said individuals of course carried on behaving as males, which the “ladies from birth” found a little disconcerting.

On the other hand, when I holidayed in Austria a few years back I went for a sauna and found there was just one big communal changing room with no privacy whatsoever. We all just went in, stripped off, and lounged around in the tubs and steam rooms completely starkers. And I can assure you that some of the girls in there had wonderful figures to be proud of.

I hope some of the ladies answer your question. I remember one lady posting here a while ago who was most upset because she met a lot of disapproval from the other occupants of the ladies changing room when she was changing out of her nylons.

– I’ve changed several times in the open change area of the health club I attend. I used to remove my stockings and garterbelt ahead of time to avoid unusual glances. One day as it happened, since I am so used to wearing stockings, I changed nonchalantly in the dressing room in front of several other ladies, not realising I was still wearing my stockings. I did get a few odd glances. A few ladies complimented me and a few others questioned me as to the comfort and practicalities.

Since that day, I’ve always worn my stockings to the gym and never had a problem.

One other member also started wearing stockings as well.

– Well, I don’t belong to a gym, so I can’t comment on that, but I know in most major department stores I have almost never come across a communal dressing room. I know there is one in a downtown store here in Boston, but I avoid it like the plague. I prefer to try clothing on without others’ eyes.

– My gym contains a communal area and two small changing cubicles. I go to the gym straight from work and generally change in the communal area whether or not the cubicles are free. This means that yes, I have to remove my stockings in front of anyone that’s in there. I’ve not had any rude remarks but I have had a few disapproving glances in my direction!

– I think it’s lovely that you turn up at the gym in stockings and a garterbelt. It doesn’t matter what any of the other ladies think. You are dressed that way because you want to be and it’s not anyone else’s business to tell you what you should wear.

I’m interested to know if after your gym session you put your stockings and garterbelt back on? If so, I bet you feel a real sense of power over the other ladies, who secretly are probably very frustrated that they too aren’t in gartered stockings!

Sure, I’ve put my stockings and garterbelt back on in plain view of the other women. A few times, I stood in front of the huge mirror, drying my hair, with nothing but my stockings, garterbelt and shoes. A few ladies walked in and gave me this horrid look and then just smiled pleasantly. I’ve become friends with all these ladies. They’ve come to accept me for who I am and not by what I wear under my clothes.

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