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The importance of the right suspender belt

"My personal view is that the reason many women don't wear stockings is that there is so much peer pressure to conform. Also, many suspender belts are designed only for 'bedroom' use, if you know what I mean. It really can be difficult finding a comfortable suspender belt, but it is worth the effort - much better than tights or pantyhose. Perhaps a part of it is that today both women and men seem to associate … [Read more...]


Abi Titmuss

Titmuss took up presenting on pornographic channel Television X, released a fitness video, put her name to an erotic novel published by Black Lace and made personal appearances in nightclubs in the UK and Ireland. An initial offer of a photo shoot over two pages of FHM morphed into a three-page spread and a cover. In December 2004, Titmuss appeared on the front cover of FHM along with Swedish model Victoria … [Read more...]


Advice on buying fully-fashioned stockings

"I want to buy my wife a pair of fully fashioned stockings, and a suspender belt. Normally her tights and stockings are the more modern, stretchable type with lycra. Is the size for the old-fashioned type based on shoe size, ie size seven, or should the measurement be something else (by length, long, medium, etc)? Advice appreciated. And tips on best type of suspender belt (not girdle, but old-fashioned wide strapped … [Read more...]


Advice for men who want to persuade women to wear stockings

Enlightenment: advice for men who want to persuade women to wear stockings (first draft) (from Skirt) Why is it that despite everything, some people make wrong decisions in life? Why is it that women buy tights? Despite their obvious health and social disadvantages, tights are still worn because old habits die hard. But if you care about your partner it is your duty to make her see sense and switch to stockings. … [Read more...]


Adina Fohlin

Adina Fohlin is a Swedish model and photographer. She was discovered while walking down the street in Stockholm, and Susanna Rönn, at Mikas, a Swedish modelling agency. approached her, having noticed her unusual features. Myriam Obadiah, creative director of Fohlin's agency, Next, described her as a girl who does not resemble a typical model. In 2003 Fohlin was awarded Model of the year by Swedish Elle. Fohlin … [Read more...]


The most important thing: correct suspension

Ask women why they don't wear stockings and there's a fair chance they will simply consider them unpractical. That's not surprising when most suspender belts (or garter belts depending where in the world you are) are built for the bedroom. The tend to be a bit flimsy, with four straps and plastic clasps, and if they stay on for 20 minutes of passion it's an achievement. (Any longer than 20 minutes and you've got … [Read more...]


Abbie Cornish

Abbie Cornish  is an Australian actress known for her film and television roles, particularly her award-winning lead performance in 2004's Somersault, and internationally for her role as Fanny Brawne in Bright Star and her appearance as Sweet Pea in Sucker Punch. Her career began at the age of 13, when she began taking jobs as a model after reaching the finals of a Dolly Magazine competition. In 1999, Cornish was … [Read more...]