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Advice for men who want to persuade women to wear stockings

ekf3nun244dnwaoicoluEnlightenment: advice for men who want to persuade women to wear stockings (first draft) (from Skirt)
Why is it that despite everything, some people make wrong decisions in life? Why is it that women buy tights?
Despite their obvious health and social disadvantages, tights are still worn because old habits die hard. But if you care about your partner it is your duty to make her see sense and switch to stockings. How many people do you know who regularly wear a plastic bag on their head? Not many, obviously, as that would lead to suffocation. And yet when a woman wears tights she is cutting off air from the most delicate part of her body. So, as a concerned boyfriend or husband, you no doubt want to do the honourable thing. And yet you may still face resistance.
To be successful in battle it is worth spending a moment examining the enemy. All the reasons women give for purchasing gusseted hosiery can be discounted, but here are some of the most popular justifications:

  • Tights are available with control tops to give the impression of weight loss. (Never heard of corsets?)
  • They don’t fall down. (Oh yes they do!)
  • It’s difficult and time-consuming to put stockings on correctly. (But that’s like life: you get out what you put in.)
  • You can wear tights with short skirts. (But if you’re wearing a short skirt to show off your legs, why not do it properly with something a whole lot sexier than tights?)

Converting your partner is obviously urgent but it’s still best not to rush things, or apply too much pressure. Tell her how much you adore her legs. If she longs for children, drop subtle hints about how to keep her equipment in tip-top shape!
The subtle approach would be appropriate for starters. Take an interest in her magazines, or if she doesn’t read any, maybe you could think of buying her some. Point out elegant underwear and how much you’d enjoy seeing it on her. Make her feel special because she is!
Birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are all great opportunities to buy her a present, but you can do it at any time to make her aware of your love. Don’t however, buy underwear that she would think tarty or refuse to wear on taste grounds. Choose carefully and always accompany the gift with some top quality stockings she’ll be proud to wear.
Good quality clothing may cost a bit more but it will be worth it. Try to choose something she would have chosen for herself, and make sure that you buy the right size! If the underwear set comes with a suspender belt, buy it. If not, boycott the shop! Occasionally you can buy underwear without the suspenders just so she doesn’t think you’ve got a one-track mind, but then always follow up with some luxurious hold-ups.
Elegant shoes will also reinforce the need for elegant hosiery. Take an interest when she wants to go shopping, and maybe even take the initiative and suggest an expedition to her yourself. If she wants to go to a shoe shop then let her indulge. Point out styles you think would look sexy, but again, be aware of quality and comfort. Flatter her to get a response, but don’t apply pressure because she’ll only back off.
Finally, remind her of some of the other many practical reasons to change:

  • With tights, when one leg gets a ladder the whole pair is ruined.
  • If tights are too small the gusset will droop, but if they’re too large the ankles sag.
  • Tights create an unwelcome “spare tyre” effect around the waist.
  • Stockings are sexy, modern, and fun!

It’s a whole lot easier to pop to the ladies if you’re in hold-ups or stockings.

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