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The importance of the right suspender belt

the right suspender belt“My personal view is that the reason many women don’t wear stockings is that there is so much peer pressure to conform. Also, many suspender belts are designed only for ‘bedroom’ use, if you know what I mean. It really can be difficult finding a comfortable suspender belt, but it is worth the effort – much better than tights or pantyhose. Perhaps a part of it is that today both women and men seem to associate sexiness in lingerie with microscopic sized lace things, which are hardly going to be comfy. By the same token, anything designed primarily for comfort, like the deep-waisted suspender belts that I wear are all too often mocked as being for geriatrics. It really is stupid.”
“You are quite correct. The ‘bedroom’ type of belts, sold by most department stores are terrible, bad fitting, bad straps etc. My suspenders are of the ‘deep’ type with four clips at the back. They fit perfectly and you actually forget about them after a while. I threw out my original frilly belts (in a fit of rage) some months ago because they looked good, but were totally useless for all day wear.”
“I happen to think that suspender belts in general are the sexiest piece of attire that has ever been invented, and the deep ones allow for a really nice line which can blend in to accentuate the female form. I think those stringy little ribbon suspender belts came into fashion about the same time as pantyhose – in the 1960s, and you’re right, just for the bedroom.”
“I really think a deep-waisted suspender belt is quite attractive – surely I’m not in a minority here am I? I like it when a woman wants to wear stockings and day wear and be comfortable at the same time.
“I buy ‘Tummy Shaper’ garterbelts from Penneys, they are so comfortable. I also wear open bottom girdles too. The garterbelts are the wider pull-on type. Very functional and not the skimpy ‘bedroom’ type.”
“You may need to experiment with different types of belts. My guess is from what you wrote, that the straps are not very stretchy and feel rather ‘stiff’. I do have one belt, which I ordered some months ago, but have nor worn for that reason. It felt like having a piece of plastic, (like an ice cream container) against your leg. The straps should be gently stretchy, and not too thick. A 1-2″ stretch should return to its original position, easily and it should not require too much effort to stretch. This is what keeps the stocking in place for long periods. The straps should not be loose, even when sitting, and the clips should reach deep into the welt, and should not be attached, right at the top of the welt. The body of the belt should not be stretchy because it will eventually move itself down. It should be cotton or something similar, that remains in place, and the straps do all the work.”

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