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Andi Muise


Amanda Elizabeth Janet “Andi” Muise is a Canadian model. Muise has modeled for brands such as Emporio Armani, Bloomingdale’s, Intimissimi, Pantene, Kenneth Cole, Urban Outfitters, FCUK, shot for GQ, Allure and other magazines. Muise has also starred in commercials for the Playboy VIP for Him and Her fragrances.

Andi Muise – a name that resonates throughout the fashion industry as an embodiment of elegance and style. This Canadian supermodel has graced countless runways and magazine covers, captivating audiences with her beauty and charm. However, there’s one aspect of Andi’s style that truly sets her apart – her impeccable taste in legwear. Today, we explore the world of Andi Muise, with a particular focus on her love for stockings and tights.

Andi Muise, born on January 12, 1987, in North Bay, Ontario, rose to fame as a young teenager. After winning a model search contest at 14, she made her way onto the runways for world-renowned fashion houses like Giorgio Armani, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana. It wasn’t long before her striking looks and natural talent caught the attention of Victoria’s Secret, and she became one of the coveted Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Andi’s love for legwear is evident in her public appearances and photoshoots. From casual outings to glamorous events, she skillfully incorporates stockings and tights into her outfits, adding a sophisticated touch to her looks. Whether it’s a sheer pair of stockings for an elegant evening look, or patterned tights for a touch of playful charm, Andi’s legwear choices are always impeccable and inspiring.

To celebrate Andi Muise’s distinctive style and love for legwear, we’ve curated an extensive gallery featuring the supermodel’s most iconic looks. This collection provides a closer look at Andi’s legwear preferences, showcasing her versatility and the ease with which she adapts to different styles, all while staying true to her love for stockings and tights. From her runway moments to her candid snapshots, this gallery captures Andi Muise’s unique fashion journey.

Whether you’re a fan of Andi’s style, seeking inspiration for your own legwear choices, or just a lover of fashion, our Andi Muise gallery promises an engaging and delightful tour. So come along as we delve deeper into the legwear world of this Canadian supermodel.

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