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Dress conventions in Europe and the USA

Linda, UK celeb in stockings

“After reading months of postings, it appears that frequency of ‘sightings’ and serious discussion about stockings seems more tilted to the European side of the Atlantic. In my home city – Atlanta – business and evening attire tends to be more formal than the rest of the US. However, we too, are eaten up with ‘casual comfort’.

“As in many cultural arenas, those of you on the east side of the pond appear to hold longer to tradition than us in the rough and tumble States. I have no illusions that society will return to polite civility in act or dress. My question is this: Is business attire and evening social attire more formal, and more feminine for ladies in Europe? If so, how are the differences in age reflected in attire?

“Our media outlets indicate designers are promoting ’40s/’50s elegance this fall, but no evidence of any trend acceptance has surfaced. I see more tongue and lip studs on young ladies than dresses. What say ye friends? ”

“I have to agree. Women in the UK are much more feminine than on my more declasse side. In fact on recent trip I noticed, surprisingly, several wearing sheer tan hosiery… I’m not sure now, but a decade ago in Europe the women also seemed much more feminine. Sweden stands out. Remember virtually all young women running around in sheer nylon hosiery – even ‘hippie’ types under their jeans – are much like they used to be over here in the early ’70s – even in eastern Europe (where I was surprised to see RHTs as the norm, though mostly black and heavier deniers.) But us colonials always thought Europe a classier joint.”

“I visited the UK a few years back and I must say the ladies there are just lovely. Even the punky, hip-hop looking ones are just so much more demure and feminine than our Stateside girls. Nowhere was that brassy, loudmouthed American attitude in evidence. You British dudes should consider yourselves damned lucky!”

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