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New product ideas: cool cotton and other issues

cotton stockings

– Here’s one to get you thinking – as a product of the fact that I am currently sweltering in an office, genuinely wearing fully-fashioned stockings (lifts leg up to the monitor to prove it to everyone) and it has to be said I am not particularly comfortable. Far too hot.

Anyway, I am sure a few years ago I saw tights advertised with something along the lines of a “cool cotton” mix for just this kind of weather. The theory, I think, is that rather than making you all hot they actually help to cool you down. (I didn’t buy them because they were tights. I wasn’t *that* curious!)

Anyway that set me thinking: what products should we encourage the hosiery companies to make to encourage the wearing of stockings in all weathers. The cool cotton idea (mixed with nylon, naturally!) would be a good one, assuming I haven’t made it up. Any other ideas? What about other products generally? FF nylons with a hint of Lycra to make them a bit more stretchy? I think we have a great opportunity to provide market research data and ideas to the manufacturers and we rather therefore owe it to ourselves 🙂

– I think that the purists among us wouldn’t be too impressed with the idea of a Lycra additive to FFs but it would help with the fit for those with legs that don’t exactly fit the standard sizes.

– Some manufacturers do market ‘summer’ season tights as cooler to wear and some don’t have a cotton mix either. The manufacturers should market stockings in similar vein. Why they do not is open to conjecture.

The modern FF manufacturers are perhaps too reactionary in their thinking to offer FFs with a Lycra content. They sell them as identical copies of the classic 1950s nylons. Perhaps we are all guilty of wanting things exactly as the way they were, but today’s modern ladies want hosiery that fits well and looks good. The FFs with Lycra would seem the way forward. I know I’ll get shot down by the traditionalists but we do want ladies to wear stockings and this may be one way to increase the number of fully fashioned nylon clad ladies.

– I agree – let’s have stretch FFs! And they WERE manufactured in the old days (although they were apparently in the minority), so it shouldn’t offend the traditionalists!

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