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Clara Alonso


Clara Alonso is a Spanish model. Alonso was the only Spanish model to walk in the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show since 1999. She has been the face of GUESS and AX Armani Exchange.

Clara Alonso, the Spanish-born beauty, has entranced the fashion world with her stunning features, particularly her luscious legs. Famous for her walk in the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she’s continued to dominate the modelling industry, her legs taking centre stage.

Originating from Madrid, Spain, Clara’s modelling career took off when she was selected to walk in the prestigious Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, becoming the third Spanish model to do so. Since then, her fame has only grown, with appearances in countless magazines and fashion shows globally.

However, Clara’s allure extends beyond her professional accomplishments. Her legs have become one of her defining features, turning heads whether they’re bare or adorned in seductive stockings or elegant tights. Clara’s choice of legwear, particularly sheer tights, adds a level of sophistication and allure to her looks, showcasing her legs in all their glory.

In this post, we’ll explore Clara’s successful career, her fashion choices, and of course, the allure of her legs. We’ll discuss how her choice of legwear, from sheer tights to sultry stockings, enhances her leg appeal and contributes to her overall image.

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