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Hiding suspender bumps

suspender bumps“Do any ladies who wear stockings regularly wear a slip under their skirts/dresses to reduce the effect of suspender/garter bumps? And if not, why not?”
“I’m very attached to my bumps although they have put some of my friends off wearing stockings with very tight clothing. I feel they’re only noticeable if someone is looking for them, and if they are looking for them, well…”
“I have never paid much attention to whether anyone could notice my garter bumps, I guess because it doesn’t bother me, and frankly, you’d have to hit most men over the head with a two by four to even get them to notice! The men on this forum are excluded, of course! LOL! In addition, I wear a girdle everyday, and I think most men wouldn’t recognise the ‘unibutt’ phenomenon unless they are over the age of 50!”
“I solve the issue of slips by wearing skirts and other items which are already lined. I wear a slip with lighter summer dresses mainly so you can’t see through it, and also because it helps the dress itself to fall right. Without a slip, dresses get caught between your legs as you’re walking and I think it looks trashy. (My opinion; others are welcome to correct me.)
“So, there’s my unofficial reason. I have never thought of slips as a sensual item, rather a functional one. However, I recall seeing a still film photo of Elizabeth Taylor in her heyday, leaning against a doorway clad in a slip, a drink in her hand. I was taken by the blatant sexuality in the photo (mind you, this was a mid sixties film) and I don’t know whether it was the slip or the pose, or a little bit of both, especially since she seemed to have this enigmatic smile on her face – one that didn’t quite reach her eyes – and made me wonder what she was up to.”

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Michelle January 22, 2015 at 5:44 pm

I wear nylons almost all of the time. Pantyhose rarely. I adore the attention that I receive when an outfit I’m wearing shows my “garter bumps”. Men (and some Women also) love the idea of me in nylons & garters. I seem to have my pick of both (I’m also Bi)!

lgdd January 22, 2015 at 9:10 pm

That’s the spirit!

angie April 9, 2020 at 4:24 pm

I’m a strictly closet male who wore gartered stockings under his business wear for decades. I wore a wide six strap belt with nude or light beige stockings and normal mens socks over my stockings, The feeling was wonderful, The gentle stocking thigh massage and motion of the straps as I moved about was so so comforting. Retired now and at home, I enjoy wearing my garter stockings around the house all day with flared panties over my garterbelt. I have quite a selection of belts. IN fact, one of them has fourteen straps and it is so much fun fastening them all to my stockings.


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