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Bernie Dexter


Bernie Dexter is an American model. Bernadette was born in Pennsylvania. When she was 18, she won Miss Teen San Diego County. In 2002 she started modeling in 1950s style photo shoots, most photos taken by her husband Levi Dexter.

Bernie Dexter is a name that needs no introduction in the world of pin-up modelling. Known for her striking beauty and signature style, Dexter has made a considerable mark in the industry. Her style is characterized by a fascinating element – stockings. A vital part of her modelling work, stockings have come to define Bernie’s public image and fashion choices.

Bernie’s love for stockings isn’t a recent affair. From the early days of her career, she was seen sporting these fashion staples, infusing her outfits with a unique blend of classic charm and contemporary sass. This inclination towards stockings soon became her style statement, earning her a distinctive place in the fashion world.

Bernie Dexter has been a consistent lover of a range of stockings. From sultry fishnets to elegant lace, from vintage seamed stockings to modern patterns, she’s shown that stockings can be versatile and dynamic. These choices not only highlight her shapely legs but also enhance her overall style, making her a genuine stockings icon.

In our dedicated photo gallery, we offer a curated collection of Bernie Dexter’s most striking moments in stockings. Each image captures the essence of her style – a perfect fusion of modern allure and timeless elegance. Whether you’re a fan of Bernie’s work or a stockings enthusiast, this gallery will not disappoint.

Join us in appreciating the stockings style of Bernie Dexter. You’ll discover that it’s more than just a fashion choice – it’s a statement of personal expression and confidence.

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