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Cause for suspicion: a wife’s sudden love of stockings

– My wife and I have been married for 11 years. We have two kids and until recently a pretty boring sex life. She is a kindergarten teacher here in the US. She has never worn stockings – always pantyhose. I bought her some stockings and a garterbelt for her birthday last year hoping to spice things up a bit but she never wore them and acted a little bit like she was offended by the present, so, I never mentioned it to her again.

One day last April I came home from work and she was waiting for me with a packed overnight bag. She had packed the kids off to grandmas and she told me we were going away for an evening at a local hotel. That was fine with me but a complete surprise. As soon as we got in the car she showed me that she was wearing the stockings I had bought for her. That night I had the best sex I’d ever had with anybody. My wife has always been very conservative sexually but that night she kept her stockings on while she and I did everything she would never consent to do with me before. I was completely shocked but I wasn’t about to ruin things by giving her the third degree. I just kept my mouth shut and enjoyed it.

The next morning she was back to pantyhose and we drove home to the same routine sex life we had had before. She acted as though nothing had happened and when I tried to have oral sex with her again she wasn’t interested and acted offended.

These stockings trips have happened about once a month since then. I never know when to expect this and she keeps getting more adventurous. There is no kind of sex that she will not have with me when she takes me on a stockings trip. She will do all the things she used to think were yucky and she enjoys it. But he next day its back to pantyhose and the same old same old until she gets it in her head to do this again.

School is out for the summer and last Sunday night she and some other teachers left for a week-long retreat to discuss the coming year’s curriculum. I carried her bags to the car and I was going to slip a little Thinking of You type card into her suitcase as a surprise for her. When I opened the suitcase I found she had packed her garterbelt and five pairs of stockings. I said nothing. I’ve been going crazy all week wondering if she’s doing anything. I don’t know what to say or do. I’m having a great sex life now with her when we go away on a stockings trip and I don’t want to ruin it by acting suspicious. She’s coming back today. What is happening? Has anyone here experienced anything like this? Can stockings make a woman into someone she’s not?

– It is hard to say as my wife always wears stockings, but it may just be as innocent as this is what your wife perceives as her “out of town” outfit. You did not state it but your implication is clear: you are concerned there might be something going on while your wife is on her retreat.

When your wife is away from the daily routine she is “liberated”. This does NOT automatically mean there is any hanky-panky. Hopefully your monthly adventures will continue and expand.

– You need to talk with your wife. We like communication. You mentioned several times you had questions but said nothing… Ask! Why don’t you break your own mould and start wearing silk boxers or maybe some leather. Break your routines more than once a month too… and for Gods sake talk to each other… you’d be surprised how it helps.

– I think your wife had five pairs of stockings packed, one for each day. She is getting there in her own way and in her own time about wearing stockings. She wouldn’t want to be washing stockings out in front of her friends, and many women are still very worried about showing garter tab bumps and stocking tops/garter tabs.

What colour and style of stockings did you buy her, and what did she take away with her, plain brown sheers, or black or something more adventurous?

I would not say anything to her about her taking stockings away, just enjoy the monthly sessions, and perhaps occasionally buy her some more gaterblelts and stockings, and compliment her on how good she looks in them when she wears them. You may slowly introduce her into seams etc, but don’t rush into FF stockings or fishnets until she shows signs of being ready for it. Don’t rush her, she may just surprise you sooner than you think.

I think someday she will wear stockings more regularly, perhaps even to school, but not until she is comfortable with them.

– It seems obvious to imagine the worst, I’m sure I would in those circumstances, but how about this for a positive ‘spin’ on the situation. It sounds to me as if she’s feeling in a bit of a rut, being ‘mother’ and ‘wife’ all the time and rarely getting a chance to be herself. She probably feels trapped in that mould when at home so your trips away are chances for her to find herself and be anything but the usual staid wife and mother. I’m sure this week away will be perfectly innocent but maybe she just wants the opportunity to wear the stockings and see what they’re like day-to-day with no sexual connotations or expectations.

Maybe she wants to see if other people notice but within the safety of the group of other teachers who she knows won’t leap on her or judge her harshly? There are plenty of reasons for her taking them and only a few of them are worrying, so think positively, trust her and I sincerely hope that it works out well and that she comes home happy to wear them all the time for you. Will you let us know?

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