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Daisy Lowe


Daisy Rebecca Lowe is an English fashion model who has modelled for editorial photo shoots, commercial advertising campaigns and at fashion shows. She is the daughter of Pearl Lowe, the singer-songwriter turned textile and fashion designer, and Gavin Rossdale, lead singer for Bush.

Born in London in 1989 to Pearl Lowe and Gavin Rossdale, Daisy Lowe’s charismatic personality and unmissable beauty have made her a well-recognised figure in the modelling industry. Daisy’s career has seen her working with international fashion houses and glossy magazines, all entranced by her unique charm and style. A key component of her allure comes from the confidence with which she carries herself, and a significant part of that confidence is drawn from how she presents herself – especially her legs.

Daisy Lowe is not one to shy away from showcasing her well-toned legs. Whether she’s strutting down the runway, posing for a high-fashion photo shoot, or simply stepping out for a casual day in town, Daisy knows how to make heads turn. Her preference for hosiery is evident, with various types of stockings and tights making frequent appearances in her wardrobe. These items not only complement her outfits but also accentuate her legs’ beauty, adding a seductive flair that is hard to ignore.

When it comes to sheer stockings, Daisy’s choices demonstrate a love for the classics. Often opting for black or nude shades, these stockings subtly highlight her legs, making them appear even more attractive. Daisy’s bold fashion choices are not limited to the classic, as she’s also known for wearing vibrant coloured and patterned tights that make a loud fashion statement.

Daisy Lowe also has an affinity for high heels, further enhancing her legs’ appeal. Her footwear, paired with her stockings or tights, provides a striking visual that perfectly complements her unique style.

Daisy Lowe, with her fearless fashion choices and perfect understanding of her own allure, has made a significant impact in the world of fashion. She uses hosiery, among other style elements, to her advantage, creating eye-catching looks that leave a lasting impression. Her style is a testament to the fact that hosiery is far from outdated and is indeed a valuable tool in modern fashion, used to enhance one’s allure and express personal style.

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