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Paige Nicole Mayo is an American professional wrestling valet, occasional professional wrestler, interviewer, ring announcer, model and ringside attendant who is better known by her ring name SoCal Val.

SoCal Val: The Wrestling World’s Radiant Star with Legwear Flair

In the realm of professional wrestling, where strength meets theatrics, SoCal Val stands as a radiant beacon of style and panache. While the wrestling universe is teeming with incredible athletes and larger-than-life personas, few have managed to carve a niche quite as unique as Valerie Elizabeth Wyndham, popularly known as SoCal Val. While her talents extend far beyond mere appearances, it’s impossible to overlook her innate sense of style, particularly her flair for highlighting her shapely legs.

From Ring-Side to Spotlight

Embarking on her journey as a ring girl, Val’s passion and knowledge for the sport soon saw her playing bigger roles, from backstage interviews to managing, all while her fashion choices remained front and center. Wrestling might be about the spectacle of physical prowess, but SoCal Val has always ensured it’s equally a visual treat.

A Class Apart in Tights and Stockings

Anyone who’s followed Val’s career knows her fondness for legwear. Be it vibrant stockings or elegant tights, she has a knack for selecting pieces that not only complement her outfits but accentuate her legs. This isn’t just about fashion; it’s a statement. It’s SoCal Val saying, “Yes, I belong to the wrestling world, but I’ll define my own rules of style here.”

In a universe dominated by spandex and leotards, Val’s choice to frequently incorporate stockings and tights into her ensemble sets her apart. It blends the vintage glam of old Hollywood with the dynamic energy of wrestling.

Beyond the Ring: A Fashion Maven

Outside the wrestling domain, Val’s sartorial choices continue to inspire. She seamlessly transitions from sultry and edgy to elegant and sophisticated, always with a nod to her signature style element: her legs. Whether attending red carpet events or engaged in photoshoots, the stockings, tights, or mere highlight of her legs remain a consistent feature.

A Role Model in Heels

SoCal Val’s journey serves as a beacon to many young women, signaling that one needn’t be confined by the perceived norms of an industry. You can be part of the wrestling universe and still be a fashion icon. You can flaunt your femininity, showcase those legs, and still be taken seriously for your acumen and skills.


SoCal Val, with her vibrant charisma and unparalleled style, has redefined what it means to be a woman in the world of professional wrestling. Through her love for legwear and her ability to consistently make bold fashion choices, she’s not just setting trends; she’s breaking barriers. And as she does, her legs, often showcased in the finest tights or stockings, continue to be a symbol of her individuality and elegance.

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