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Stocking spotting in London

Stocking spotting in London

What do others think are the best places in London for sightings? Normally in late-spring/early summer, St James’s Park and Green Park are a good bet (have had about 5 sightings in one day before). I’ve just started working in Holborn and will miss my summer lunch hours in the park. Any stocking wearers in the Holborn/Lincoln’s Inn Fields/Covent Garden area?

– Have a look in Lincoln’s Inn Garden during summer lunchtimes (not to be confused with Lincoln’s Inn Fields): lots of black-skirted barristers and secretaries sitting on the grass and benches – pure paradise! The same can be said of Gray’s Inn Garden and the Temple Gardens – all just on Holborn’s doorstep.

Another nice spotting area is High Holborn itself – various gardens surround this roundabout and often office workers take their lunch there, on the grass etc.

You (like me) are very lucky in your new work location! We might even bump into each other!

– I work in Covent Garden and can absolutely *guarantee* seeing fishnets on a daily basis. You’d have to be blind not to! Of course they’re probably rarely stockings but it is encouraging to see women take an interest in hosiery again.

– Oxford Street department stores are good place to see who is a stocking wearer. Just wander through the hosiery departments.

– Anywhere near a Japanese language school – Bloomsbury, Oxford Street… the Japanese LOVE stockings from my observations!

– Try Liverpool Street station to the Bank. That’s a good area.

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