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Stockings in the war years

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“My aunt told me a story from the war era when certain luxuries were scarce due to the economy. Stockings were one of those luxuries. She told me that if a lady was seen walking the street without stockings under her dress, she was considered trash. The solution: my aunt and several other ladies would use an eyebrow pencil and draw a line down the back of their legs to simulate a seam. This was done to avoid the trashy title. I admitted to her that I wear stockings on a steady basis. She was proud of me and told me how horrid it was when wore pantyhose for the first time.”

“Your memory points out how stockings were regarded in the past as great fashion statement. I hope that this type of attitude will return again and this is how people will view stockings now. I hope stockings make a full comeback. I know both my Mom and Grandmother used stockings, but cannot recall if Grandmother’s were seamed, I don’t think so. I only recall that one Grandmother used a pink floral corset. Mom I know used Sears Cling-along stockings with a girdle. I think my other Grandmother used a girdle and stockings but am unsure. At any rate your memory is great, and brings up an important attitude which was stockings are great and ladies who wear them have good morals and values. I sincerely hope that is how all stockings wearers will be viewed.”

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