Leggy Celebs

Take heart!

My personal preference being stockings and garters, I have come to know several lingerie shop owners rather well. All have told me within the last year that stockings, garter belts and such are becoming a very hot selling items. Women are starting to dress like women should; classy and feminine and choosing more feminine lingerie is just an extension of that. I’ve really seen it in the financial world where I work. Especially in younger women. In my own bank; it’s becoming rare to see women employees in pants. At my health club, seeing women in the changing room wearing stockings and garters is becoming more and more common. I just thought you guys might like to know you’re winning the battle!

As one of the “younger” women in my office where we work in international business marketing, I have been wearing stockings daily for almost a year now and two other women in my office have started to wear them at least once a week and dresses are becoming more common, too.

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