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What exactly is “support” hosiery?

Support stockings – I wonder if you can help. In shops I have seen “support” stockings from companies like Elbeo. What, exactly, are they? Are they simply stockings that make your legs feel good at the end of the day by providing assistance throughout, or are they something more medicinal? Hope you can help!
– Support stockings are for the unfortunate ladies that have developed varicose veins. These occur when the “flaps” in the vein do not function, allowing the blood that should flow against gravity back to the heart to flow the opposite way, and distend the vein. Hence, support stockings contain graduated elastic from ankle to thigh to reduce this back flow. So now you know!
– Wow, what a fantastic explanation! I sort of knew (fortunately I don’t have them) but now it all makes sense. I would presume that the extra elasticity that you mentioned, is what causes the “thicker” look.
– They are not just for unfortunate ladies that have developed varicose veins. Many people wear them to prevent such things happening, and they come in many different support factors and styles today. Companies such as Elle and Levante package and market their support hosiery directly at the 20-30 age group.
In general ladies who stand or are on their feet much of the time, people who fly a lot etc also wear them too, and of course those unfortunate ladies that have developed varicose veins.
Today ladies know that they have to look after their legs and the hosiery manufacturers are responding by producing fashionable light denier support hosiery for all age groups.

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