UPS bans bare legs!

Yesterday, the Atlanta-based multinational transportation giant United Parcel Service (UPS) issued an employee communication that clarified the company's dress code. UPS communicated that bare legs and exposed feet are not part of its dress code. It detailed sheer hosiery as part of its dress code for professional attire by female employees. The communication also clarified that sheer hosiery is included in the … [Read more...]


An end to “dress down Fridays”

- There was a report on the radio last night, which was followed by a call-in radio show, about a new study that just came out regarding workplace productivity. It seems that "casual Friday" and "dress down attire" are dismal failures for employers. Studies have now shown that the productivity in the workplace declined by as much as 25% on the days when dress standards were relaxed. To be clear, they compared the … [Read more...]