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The stockings versus tights war: battle one

Lulu1“We are talking sex-appeal, right? In that case there is no doubt that seeing a beautiful ‘stockinged’ leg can be very sexy. The more leg the sexier. And pantyhose may facilitate such a sight. But that is where the matter ends, in more senses than one.
“Surely no-one can successfully argue that the top of a pair of pantyhose has any sort of appeal, visual or sexual? The construction of this part of the garment is necessarily workaday and utilitarian in the extreme. There neither is nor can be any aesthetic attached to it.
“Stockings, on the other hand, whether attached to suspenders or stay-ups, have infinite charm and variety from toe to top. They release the imagination rather than confine it. If, for a moment, one imagines a situation of intimacy, then the sight of a stocking top coming into view not only sets the heart and pulse racing, but indicates that that there will be no ungainly interference with greater intimacy.”
“As I see it the stocking is far preferable to tights for a number of reasons. Firstly, we have the effect of tights of imposing a barrier, they repel. Stockings on the other hand pose no barrier and invite. Secondly, the contrast between the flesh of the thigh and the stocking is alluring, the uniformity of the leg in tights is neither attractive nor unattractive it is neutral and therefore by definition bland suggesting that the wearer may be also. Finally, in the throes of passion, in those precious moments before consummation of a love act, the removal of stockings (if required) can be erotic, the removal of tights is closer to comedic performance.”
“As a commonly discussed subject amongst my friends (we are all well adjusted professional men in our twenties), we all love to see our wives/girlfriends in stockings. It is difficult to explain why but they have an attraction, an allure and this all makes them incredibly sexy.
“I managed an M&S store and in all my time there, most men bought stockings for their partners or hold ups, particularly around Valentines day. A purchase of tights was very uncommon! Men who prefer tights are in the minority and are missing out and are frankly worrying individuals!”
“There is ABSOLUTELY no comparison. A beautiful woman in thigh high stockings is absolutely the most erotic sight one can view, while one in pantyhose (tights) may remain beautiful they don’t have the erotic equality what-so-ever.”
“To begin with, aesthetics: an otherwise-nude female in stockings and (hopefully) heels, is a walking billboard for ‘I’m naked, I’m available… and I want to look my best for you.’ Her femininity is there and available. On the other hand, a woman wearing pantyhose – whether with heels or not – is featuring a center of attention that looks a great deal like Bill the Cat thrown with great force against a screen door.”
“If you line up nine gorgeous women wearing pantyhose and one that was average in looks wearing stockings, told them all to sit in a chair and cross their legs, let their skirts ride high so you can just see the stocking tops on the one wearing stockings, then led me into the room and told me to pick one… guess which one I would pick?”
All-that-Jazz“I just asked the three girls I live with and we are all in total agreement. None of us like pantyhose and for many reasons, one being that it’s very unhealthy and another because they are ugly and irritating under a dress or skirt. All of us have worn pantyhose at one time or another and all of us have vowed to never do it again. Stockings and suspender belts are where it’s at, both for overall erotic appeal and for comfort of wear.”
“Men know the truth. If you can catch a woman with stockings or thigh highs on, look to see how many men are there, trying to steal a glance! This does not occur with nearly the same frequency when women are wearing tights (pantyhose).”
“Take two photos of the same model in the same classy environment, one wearing nothing but black pantyhose the other wearing nothing but black stockings and garters, then ask ten regular guys which photo they prefer and… I WIN… Stocking, Stocking, Stocking!”
“What is sexy about the top part of pantyhose? To be honest I find it a turn off to see a woman put on (or off) a pantyhose. If she does the same with a pair of stockings I find it very much a turn on and it adds a very nice accent to her femininity.”

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Andy July 20, 2019 at 11:57 pm

My ex loved pantie hose more than she did stockings those too are a turn on for any man besides being able to take then off fast when the passion takes you both.

lgdd January 26, 2020 at 10:45 am

I agree with you, I prefer stockings but I can also accept and appreciate pantyhose (tights)


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