Why women need to act responsibly in the way they dress

I am absolutely sickened by the perpetual two-facedness of some women who use sex as a weapon in their endless struggle to get their way.  Nothing turns me on more than a woman in the workplace in a short skirt and hosiery (a nice pair of legs is a bonus of course). There is absolutely nothing 'wrong' with admiring this and there is no way that a woman is unaware of the clear message she sends out when she dresses in … [Read more...]


Office politics: should men acknowledge women in stockings?

Yesterday I was in a meeting with some co-workers. We were all sitting in a large circle discussing some aspect of our latest project. There was no table. All of the women were either bare-legged or wearing pants save one. She was wearing nylons which I believed to be pantyhose. I was sitting across from her and I was looking at her legs from time to time as the meeting progressed. She would cross and uncross them in … [Read more...]


An end to “dress down Fridays”

- There was a report on the radio last night, which was followed by a call-in radio show, about a new study that just came out regarding workplace productivity. It seems that "casual Friday" and "dress down attire" are dismal failures for employers. Studies have now shown that the productivity in the workplace declined by as much as 25% on the days when dress standards were relaxed. To be clear, they compared the … [Read more...]