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Stockings and the church

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Let me tell you right up front that I am a theologian. I am currently teaching and have been either teaching, pastoring or learning for the last 36 years.

I have been lurking here for about six months. I am moved to write this Sunday morning because of a comment made by another poster. The gist of his remarks were that he feared the group was being taken over by Bible-thumpers. His evidence was that a few posters had used the phrase ‘Praise the Lord’. He would have had a coronary if he had seen the recent post where one member cited a passage of scripture (Romans 14:14, I believe) to another.

He also noted that he didn’t realise that church women wore stockings. My dear friend. Where have you been? Certainly not in church! Let me assure you, from personal experience and observation, that, here in the US, church women do wear stockings, yes, gartered stockings.

I would guess that the percentage of women wearing gartered stockings in the congregation we attend is about 3-5%.’So, what’s the big deal with that?’ I can hear you thinking. Well, my friend, there are about 300 adult women there every Sunday morning. So, you do the math. Never mind, I’ll do it for you. That’s about 9-15 stockings wearers all in the same place for about two hours. These women are almost without exception dressed in their finest and looking their most lovely. (And, my own stockings wearing wife is IMHO by far the loveliest!) If I gave you the chance to be in a room with 9-15 stocking-wearing women every week I think you would run out of ways to express your gratitude.

Now, when you consider that male church-goers here in the US (and I see no reason to believe that male UK church-goers would be too much different) have the opportunity to ‘sight’ (as you all say) this many women in stockings and, at the same time, hear a joyful message of grace that out-measures all of our sins, well… maybe you can see why some of us just have to say ‘Praise the Lord’?

Let me say to any of my fellow Christians who take offence that I might be encouraging men to go to church solely for the purpose of sighting women in stockings; I don’t care what initially motivates a man to go to church. Once he’s there I trust that, sooner or later, God will do the rest.

– Now there’s a reason to go back to church! A comment on our times when the women look better – and sexier – in the Lord’s house, than in a bar, even a strip club – where one hardly sees women in stockings anymore.

– My wife and I have just this moment returned from church. I can’t tell you how many other women were wearing stockings this morning but Mrs M. was. Her dress was split up along the thigh and when she sat it fell open revealing her white lace satin slip and a good inch of the welt of her stockings. The man to her right, the ushers and the fellow behind us were all very appreciative. And so was I!

– Susan wears stockings to church all the time. With the warmer weather coming you will see her in RHandT stockings, a nice skirt or dress and slide sandals. We attend a Catholic Church where she is a Eucharistic Minister, Catechist and a member of the RCIA staff. Yes she wears stockings but she goes to Church to seek a spiritual life.

– The respect for the sacred nature of the House of God is reflected by the number of women that wear their finest to church. This includes garters and stockings.

– If there is a God how come so few women wear stockings these days

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