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The all-day orgasm?


– While grazing over at the CD discussion group in the recent past I began to notice a trend of sorts. It seems to me that a lot of the guys posting there appreciate the self-stimulation value of some of the female clothing they wear as much as the style or the way it makes them look.

It made me recall comments made by women I have dated over the years who have told me that when they wore a certain article of clothing (most often a pair of panties (knickers) or stockings) it actually turned them on. One young lady in particular told me that every time she wore a certain pair of bikini panties that tied at the sides she became aroused. (I have to admit that every time I saw her in them I became aroused also. LOL. ) But her point was she wore them because they stimulated her, not me.

This whole thing got me to wondering. Ladies, do you have an article of clothing that is guaranteed to turn you on? Is there some item that you wear for yourself when you want to spice up your own day? If so, may I ask, what is it? Ladies only please.

– If men are more into visual stimulation, are women more into tactile stimulation? CDs aside, that seems to be the essence of your question. It will be interesting to see the responses of our ladies.

I went with a young lady who claimed that a pair of french knickers with a particularly lacy crotch would keep her occupied all day long. She would only wear them to the office when she anticipated a particularly boring day. She said they made the time fly.

– I think you’re both bonkers. If there were no men around women would dress in Mou-Mou’s. Women could care less about tactile stimulation whatever the hell that is. They just want to be comfortable. I think you’ve both been fooled here boys. The only reasons women dress in silks, satins and laces at all is either because men design the clothes or they are dressing that way to attract a man. As soon as they have him it’s all gone. Hell, most women don’t even have orgasms much less all day orgasms. Sure there are a few exceptions but mostly women are only stimulated by talking to other women. It’s called gossip mates. You’re not going to get many replies to this because women just don’t get stimulated by clothes. Grow up.

– Well, the efforts made by men to be sensitive to a woman’s wants and needs just took a big nose-dive!

As an answer to the only semi-question in your post: “tactile” means sensitivity to touch (I’m sure a more descriptive description will be found in your dictionary – that’s a book were you find big words!)

I am not attacking your post I am just amazed and astounded. Are there really people out there that are so insensitive and out-of-tune to the opposite sex, yet still capable of formulating sentences, that they would compose such a harsh condemnation of a woman’s desire to look her best.

My wife and I have been married for over 15 years, and will continue to be married until death do us part. In the meantime she continues to dress like a lady, she spends time selecting the right outfits and she wears lingerie including stockings because it looks good, and feels good.

There are many other contributors to this site who would take exception to your broad statement that “as soon as they have him it’s all gone”. Finally, I disagree with your assumption that the only other woman who enjoy good lingerie have lesbian tendencies. Stick around. We will enjoy demonstrating that your opinions can be changed.

– I stick to my point that you’re not going to get women to post here because they don’t get turned on by wearing clothes. Its been almost a full day since the original message and so far no women have said they get turned on by wearing a particular article of clothing. So, I rest my case and you are the one whose opinion needs to be changed.

I wear stockings, lingerie and high heels because I like the way they feel and the appearance they project i.e. WOMAN. I didn’t discover this until my mid-30s. I admit my contemporaries are comfort and carefree orientated but to lump all women in a bag and say we are all the same is crazy. E-mail me and I’ll send you a pic to show you I’m a woman. There are many women who post here who do wear stockings for the same reasons. The week-end isn’t the best time for a poll.

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