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The fifties: a golden era

1950s stockingsThat glorious time *before* tights. Oooh how I wish I was 30 years older! (Except for when I try to get up in the mornings because it’s tough enough doing that aged 27!)

“I was always fascinated in the fifties when women would dress elegantly no matter the weather, regardless of cold and snow. I’d love to see them in their calf-length dainty heeled boots, their seamed nyloned legs protruding above. Many wore fur coats. But, there are still women who INSIST on wearing nylons, despite the snowiest, coldest conditions. Needless to say I love these women. To hell with our oh-so-practical, unfashionable, era!”

“I must admit… I wasn’t around for the fifties, but I can’t help but feel at times like I really should have been. While much of my desire to have been around in those days stems from my intense attraction to women in dresses, seamed stockings, and heels, I also feel that most folks dressed better back then, both men and women. Not only that, but I think there was a bit more civility in how the sexes dealt with one another. Maybe it’s a delusion, but I have a feeling men were a bit more chivalrous and gentlemanly towards the ladies… and that the ladies were… well… more ‘ladylike’. I guess it was just a different day and age, never to return.

“I enjoy having the freedom to dress casually for work (especially on a crappy snowy, sleety, and generally ugly day like today!), but I remember back in the ’80s when I first started my career… back before casual was acceptable in the workplace. I enjoyed wearing suits and ties every day… I felt very professional and really took pride in my daily appearance. Another treat was seeing the ladies in dresses and heels… and always wondering if any of them were secretly wearing stockings and garters!

“Now, I work in the software industry and everyone dresses casually. All the women in this building are in drab pants, sweaters, and those gawd-awful clunky shoes that are so popular.

“I love to think about what it would’ve been like to have been around in the post-WWII era in the US… peace and prosperity… men in suits and hats… women in dresses, stockings and heels… going out dancing to big bands downtown… all those seams and cuban heels… sigh

“No wonder there was a baby boom!”

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