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Coloured stockings

colored classic nylon stockings for women– Why cant we get stockings in more vibrant colours? Why does everything have to be black? Don’t get me wrong… black can be very sexy… but we should be able to get more colours. You can get all colours of lingerie, but then have to make do with black, tan, or white stockings, which to me is a bit of a shame.

– I agree with you. I like to wear coloured stockings, but they are very rare (mostly vintage), except “regular” colours like blue or red. I also like to wear contrast colour seams.

– Personally, I like mocha or coffee coloured hose. Anyone else?

– I agree – I don’t like wearing tan coloured stockings, and as you say black and white does get repetitive! I’ve been trying for ages to find somewhere to get coloured stockings at a reasonable price, but haven’t succeeded yet – any hints anyone?

– I remember a number of years ago (probably 15) Wonderbra put out a line of coloured stockings. I can’t even remember how many pairs I bought but I still have a pair of green and a pair of pink left. The colours were lovely pastels (pale green, light blue, light pink, red and light grey along with the usual tan, black, midnight. The stocking quality was good too as is attested to the fact that I still have two pairs. I agree I wish they would make a comeback.

– Victoria’s Secret has a line of coloured nylons and stay-ups. My wife has them in a light grey that is just gorgeous and in a peach that is very sheer and shiny. At least in the US they don’t cost an arm and a stockinged leg. Other normal colours are also available.

– I dye nylons different colours. I have dyed in purple, blue and red. Over time, the dye does fade but it’s a good way to get some different colours cheaply and quick. RHTs work best. I have found that with FFs you never know how dark the seams will be.

– Jonathan Aston do all sorts of colours – including white with fluorescent pink, green, and yellow welts. Truly sensational. I don’t think they currently have a web site and I don’t know of anyone who stocks the full range on line. I do, however, sense a gap in the market 🙂

– You know (and please be kind in the responses) I think that is one area where pantyhose has gained ground over stockings.

A visit to almost any site that sells pantyhose and tights will reveal a multitude of colours – practically the entire spectrum.

It’s been a boon to me as I have found some to match every contemporary suit and trousers that I regularly wear.

I know its probably more of a “cart before the horse” situation but I consider it a small part of the “vicious cycle” of stockings decline. Less stocking wearing = limited colour selection = less stocking wearing, so on…

– Sorry but I personally PREFER the lack of coloured stockings. While I agree that the colour black is rather too predominant, I LOVE tan, off black and gray coloured stockings. I have acquired quite a penchant for tan coloured stockings especially. I find they possess a particularly erotic and sexy (not to mention sensual), appeal. In short… I could not care less about the other colours of the rainbow being applied to stockings. To diminish the use of jet black coloured stockings WOULD be a welcome relief. “To each his beach” as the saying goes.

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