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Wearing stockings while pregnant

stockings while pregnant– I just found out that my wife is expecting. How long can she wear stockings?
– Although I am not pregnant nor planning on it, I would say there should be no reason why your wife cannot continue to wear stockings for her entire pregnancy. I hesitate with the hold ups however, as they could be constrictive. Would your wife consent to a garter belt? She should be able to wear one comfortably for a while. Look for stockings with welts that give, and even have stretch strips worked in. You’re more apt to find these in vintage stockings.
As your wife’s pregnancy progresses, she may also wish to look into a maternity girdle, and have garter tabs sewn in. This would help to relieve some of the pressure on her lower back. I have heard that they are a help. Go to www.underworks.com. There are a couple of designs for pregnancy girdles, which could help. If you think of it, check your local phone directory for a corsetiere in your area or a tailor/seamstress who could add garter tabs.
– I have seen some maternity girdles on Ebay, but I don’t know how your wife would feel about wearing a girdle or if she finds them comfortable. Holds-ups will be uncomfortable as they tend I think to restrict blood flow.
– My wife wore hold-ups throughout the whole of her pregnancy. She used to wear tights quite frequently before, but she could not bare the thought of anything rubbing her stomach area.
In fact she wore the support variety of lace top hold ups. They were a real fight to get on (I had to help) but they helped her legs enormously!

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