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Teachers in stockings

Teachers in stockings

My English teacher in the ’70s was none other than Leslie Goldie (later Leslie O’Connor) of Benny Hill fame. All you oldies out there will remember the Benny Hill sketch where he’s wearing an absurd perm and playing snooker. Leslie is in the audience flashing her stockings and he eventually rips the baize with his cue, having been distracted. She’s also in a sketch where she’s a member of a band and she’s again showing off her black stocking tops which the cameraman keeps panning into in an incongruous fashion. She often wore stockings to school to teach and occasionally teased us spotty droolers with deliberate flashes. (This was post BH and we badgered her round the clock for a ‘re-run’!) Beat that!”

A couple of the teachers at my school used to wear stockings every day. I regularly used to see the suspender bumps and also the odd flash of thigh when they crossed their legs. But my most special memory is of one of the teachers who – for my first three years at senior school – used to wear FF’s everyday, usually tan coloured. What a memory!”

My drama teacher at school used to wear black stockings sometimes tan, to school every day. We always got a glimpse as we sat in a circle with no desks and there was always a rush for the seat opposite her.”

I remember one of my teachers (Miss Walsh) was a regular stockings wearer. One morning I think everyone in the assembly hall caught a glimpse of her white fishnet stocking tops. After that, I would always look for the outline of suspenders on her skirt and saw them on more than one occasion.”

Earlier today I was in an English class and I noticed one of the best sightings ever. My English teacher sat on the desk right in front of mine and began reading to the class. I guess she forgot how short her skirt was or just didn’t care but her legs were spread wide open. I could see the lace tops of her sheer black hold ups and her panties. This was excellent. I only wish it would happen more often.”

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