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Stockings, marriage and too much sex!

Stocking fetish– “George” and I have been married ten years. We are both thirty-five. I have always worn pantyhose. This last Christmas George gave me a gift of ten pairs of stockings and three garterbelts. I wore them once in a while during January just to please him. But, since then I have come to prefer them and have worn them to work everyday and to church on Sunday. I love the looks I get when men know I’m in stockings. It gives me a special feeling that I never had in pantyhose. So, I haven’t worn a pair of pantyhose since February and I don’t want to again.

My problem is that George’s behaviour towards me has changed. I was completely satisfied with our love life. We made love about twice a week. But now George seems to want to have sex almost every day. For the last two months we’ve had sex almost every day I’ve worn stockings. I love my husband he’s a considerate lover and I really enjoy our intimate times but when I don’t wear stockings he seems to show little interest in making love. When I do wear stockings he can’t keep his hands off of me. Last week he stopped on our way home from the office and rented a motel room for three hours just to make love. It was fun but I’m really beginning to wonder if he’s making love to me or the stockings.

I know that the simple solution would be to only wear stockings on the days when I want to make love but I really enjoy my stockings and the way they make me feel. I’ve discussed this with George and he says it’s not just the stockings it’s me in the stockings that drives him wild. Well if it’s really me then why does he seem to prefer me so much more in stockings?

I want to wear them to work all week every week but when I do, and I don’t want to have sex that evening, he acts like a child who has been told he can’t have a cookie. George has changed very suddenly and I don’t know how to deal with this. But surely someone here has? Is this a phase? Can anyone help with this problem?

– Does your husband insist that you wear stockings during sex? Has anything else changed in your life about the same time he bought the stockings for you? Has a social or economic or family condition changed? Does he seem more stressed than usual? Has he ever, in your experience with him, become this interested in anything else?

– No, he does not insist that I wear stockings during sex. But, since I’ve already got them on, I’m always wearing them anyway. I’m not aware of any big changes in our life. I neglected to mention that George and I own a small business and I work in the same office with him. So, we’re together almost 24 hours a day. Our business is growing nicely and I haven’t noticed any greater stress than usual. But, I have noticed that since I have begun wearing stockings at the office I have caught him looking up my dress. This makes no sense to me at all. I am his wife. He can see me naked if he wishes. There are only three other people in our office and they are all salesmen. And to your last question, no, I don’t recall George being this interested in anything else. He has no hobbies as he’s usually too tired from work.

– I understand your worries. It may be that your husband has a very real and strong fetish for the items in question. If that is so then it will not change anything to go on about it to him.

On the other hand he must come to realise through some straight talking that you do not necessarily want sex every time you wear stockings.

Be sure though that the fact that he seems more attentive to you in stockings does not mean that he loves the stockings and not you. Suddenly he sees his fantasy come true, that is a very strong driver.

Try to talk openly about his love of stockings, and build it into your lives. You may find it has been a secret fetish for a lot of years. He will only love you more for it, and it could, if you approach it with an open mind, spice up your sex lives for many years to come.

– I just started wearing stockings six months ago in an attempt to improve my marriage. My husband has been very slow to respond to my wearing stockings, and I’ve had to be very patient and let him adjust to the fact that I like wearing stockings. But he is not totally comfortable with me wearing them every day so I have to compromise and wear slacks, jeans and shorts and alternate when I wear stockings.

I’ve stressed to him that sex doesn’t have to mean intercourse, cuddling and caressing each other are also very strong forms of sex. My husband had surgery on his prostate three years ago so sex is not always comfortable for him, but I’ve found that if we cuddle and stroke each other while I wear stockings he likes that and it is satisfying for both of us. You could suggest to your husband that sex does not have be intercourse it can be cuddling and stroking. Let him have the orgasm and he may find that helps relieve his desire for sex.

I have often been much more aroused when my SOs wore nylons. Sometimes this caused distress. “Oh, I see, it’s the stockings” one of them frowned. And it was! Yet I still thought as highly of her as ever, and lovemaking generally was as good. But there’s no question it was enhanced when she wore stockings. And I tended to be wild for her much more of the time. Perhaps the same question should be asked of all aphrodisiacs. Why are there sex shops, sexy lingerie and sex toys? And it’s not only men. Why do women find certain articles of clothing on men (ie. tight-fitting pants, suspenders over bare upper torsos, tank top undershirts, thong underwear) exciting and which can drive them wild? Why do couples engage in S & M or other kinkiness? … Still, am I wrong to think your hubby’s desire may go beyond this general description – that he is “obsessed?” I just leave you with my own experience, since I can possibly identify with him. I cared deeply and respected my SO as much as ever, but the stockings enhanced her as a sexual being. Yes, it ‘was’ the stockings, but it was her in them – and the fact she deigned to wear them – that made me care for her all the more. Superficial? Possibly. I’m willing to admit that. Or just the ultimate fulfilment in one’s attraction to another sexual being? Sometimes I’m confused too.

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